Portable Gas Stoves


How times change! There was a time when the only real portable stoves were the iconic Trangia spirit range and the little gas stove made by Camping Gaz. The Trangia has been around for at least 85 years, and is still a 'must have' for many back packers and kayakers. The Trangia Range is still growing and will be around for decades to come. You'll have noticed the link in the previous sentence which is there because this iconic range is important enough to have a complete page of its own.

The major product shift is in the area of portable gas stoves. There are models featured here that are future classics, so let's have a look at them!


As well as the offerings from Amazon, take a look at what is available on ebay. The carousel link that follows is from ebay UK. The text link below the carousel is an international link for visitors from the USA, Australia and Canada. This link should open on the correct page in your 'local' ebay.