A Great Selection of Gas Grills and BBQ's


Stainless Steel Outdoor BBQ Grill

Propane BBQ equipment is now the joint strongest part of the larger BBQ product range. It does have great convenience on its side and apart from a wipe down to remove spills it requires very little cleaning. The fuel is widely available and reasonably cheap.

There is a very large choice of grills on this page from both Amazon and Ebay. I strongly suggest that you check both because there are generally decent savings on brand new goods when you use Ebay.

 As there is such a large range in the 'Gas BBQ / Grill' I'm not going to clutter the page up. Instead I'm going to give your four different links. Two are Amazon ( .com and .co.uk ) and the other two are, in my opinion, even more useful. These are Ebay links. The first ebay link is an International text link that works across most of the English speaking world. If you click this link it will take you to your own local ebay. The last link is a carousel like 'text / image link that covers the United Kingdom and Ireland. Let's start with the International ebay link.

In addition to Ebay you'll also find a decent cross section of gas grills on the various Amazon sites. Here are two more links, this time to Amazon.co.uk and the second to the American site (.com).

This Link to Gas Grills is to the British Amazon Site. There is a Lot of Choice

This American Amazon Site Also Displays a Huge Choice in Gas Grills. Take a Look

This last link is UK and Ireland based and should display as a carousel. Use the navigation arrows in the top right corner of the box, or use the International Ebay text link at the beginning of this page to see the entire Ebay listings.