Indoor Electric Grilling in the UK

 Perfect When you want to BBQ but the Weather Doesn't Allow!

We're all perfectly aware that given the chance we would much rather have our barbecue in the sunshine of Spring and Summer. Autumn too if we're lucky. Unfortunately this isn't always possible because of our British weather. There are other times when we don't want to fuss, just have the relaxed atmosphere of a barbecue without lots of people around or all the fuss.

I'm convinced that the above is true because of the amount of interest that has been generated in the electric barbecue ranges. Maybe we're sometimes just too busy. Whichever your personal reasons, these grills have become so popular that they deserve a page of their own.

I have done separate pages for the UK and the USA because there are different products (and voltages) in the two regions. You are on the UK page. I've also included a territory based ebay page for comparison.

Don't forget. If you intend to check out our ebay comparison page, add interesting products on Amazon to your cart so that you can easily come back to your choices if you decide to buy. The cart is just a 'holding station', there is absolutely no obligation to buy.

These are Currently the Favourite Tabletop Grills in the UK - BUT, I've Edited This Page to Headline Something Special - First item

Cuisinart GR-4N Griddler with 5-in-1 Functions

5 in 1 Grill and Griddle. Contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle, and half grill/half griddle.

I saw this first in America, before it became popular here. More than 3,300 reviews in the USA. What more can I add? The vast majority of these real customers love it!

Here in the UK we have 230 volts, we don't suffer America's low voltage. You really can make this Supergrill sing!

Andrew James 1800w Tabletop Grill

 Andrew James Electric Teppanyaki Barbecue Table Grill Griddle 1800 Watts, Includes 2 Year Warranty And 8 Spatulas

This is, without a doubt, our most popular table top grill. Its massive 46cm X 24.5cm surface area is ideal for a wide range of foods, from grilled BBQ steaks and all the trimmings to bacon and eggs for breakfast.
Easily cleaned none stick surface area , adjustable temperature, oil drip tray and 8 wooden spatulas. Just plug it in and add food!

Sheff Electric Table Top 2000w Grill

VonShef Electric Large Teppanyaki Style Barbecue Table Grill Griddle 2000 Watts

Another real contender in the popularity stakes. Not quite a popular as the 1800 watt grill from Andrew James, but it does have many similar features and is about the same size at 43cm x 22cm. It has however, got an extra 200 watts of power so may well cook slightly faster if that is important to you. The price is unbeatable.

Vivo 2000 watt tabletop BBQ grill griddle

Vivo XXXL Electric Teppanyaki Large Table Top Grill Griddle BBQ Barbecue Camping 2000 Watts 90cm X 23cm

As you can see from the three Teppanyaki style grills there is very little difference in the price. Plus of course, there is very little to go wrong with these units if they are looked after properly.
This grill shares the same features as the other two, but is a little larger at 46cm x 26cm.

Severin 2500w Electric BBQ Grill

Severin Electric Barbecue Grill, 2500 Watt, Black

Made in Germany, this is the most powerful table top grill we've looked at so far. I have not used this model, but they are very simple. You can add water to the bottom of the grill where fat is stored and this will probably make the unit easier to clean.
The extra wattage should be useful for faster cooking times.

James Martin 1500w Table Grill and Hotplate ZX 833

James Martin ZX833 Table Grill with Flat Plate

A smaller model with the split hotplate and chargrill sections. The reduced wattage will slow down cooking times, but this kind of meal is as much about the experience as anything else.
Dinner for two and a nice glass or two of wine,  who knows what the evening may bring?

Andrew James 3 in 1 Roaster grill and crepe attachments

Andrew James 3 in 1 Electric Multifunctional Roaster With Roasting Grilling And Crepe Attachments Ideal for Caravans, Camping, Outdoor And Indoor Cooking

At only 600 watts this little grill / roaster is going to be very popular with campers and boaters. 600 watts is fairly easily achievable on boats with a decent inverter and won't blow the free power on the camping or caravan site. A bit like the brilliant cobb, meals can be left to simmer, though a timer will probably be a good idea.
This may need practice for effective use, but could well be worth the effort.

George Foreman 18471 Black 4-Portion Family Grill

George Foreman 18471 Four Portion Family Grill - Black

To many of us, this is the machine that opened up portable low fat grilling. Years later this machine is the bottom end of a large range of machines, many of which now include removable grill plates which can be soaked to avoid damage to the now much improved non stick surface.

George Foreman model 12205 Entertaining ^ portion

George Foreman 12205 6 Portion Entertaining Removable Plates Grill - Silver

This is part of the other end of the George foreman range, and still not expensive. This model has completely detachable plates for dishwasher cleaning or soaking, thus avoiding surface damage to the non stick plates.

Electronic temperature control and 20 minute electronic timer allows you to entertain friends without  having to watch the grill all of the time.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed my selection of electric table top grills. We really do see a massive interest in the whole range. I said earlier, but I think that time is the problem. We need convenience and ease of use. An outside BBQ, although generally a relaxed affair, is more 'arranged'. Indoor cooking of this type can be either 'arranged' or 'just for us'. Whichever suits you, I believe that you will agree that the prices of these grills are unbeatable.... Unless ebay has something.

The ebay link is not specific to particular electric grills, but each section has its own search function. If you don't see what you're looking for simply type into the search box, the magnifying glass in the bottom left hand corner, and it will take you there. You can use the search box for absolutely anything, so if you suddenly remember something that you need to find that is not an electric grill, feel free to use the search function.