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Simple Easy Electric Barbecue

Andrew James Red Electric BBQ

Andrew James Red Electric BBQ Grill With Built In Thermometer Gauge Ideal For Outdoor And Indoor Use All Year Round

As you can see from the picture above - Attractive clean lines do not necessarily mean expensive. I've checked both Amazon and eBAY and these units - new - are under £100 in the UK.

I think the picture clearly shows just how much cooking space there is, and the thermometer in the lid is a real energy saver. Obviously, if you are continually lifting the BBQ lid to check the to see if the food is cooked you are letting the heat escape. Once you've cooked a couple of steaks and sausages etc you'll have a very good idea how long the cooking time is going to be. By leaving the lid down you can fine tune your cooking time and be able to reduce it.

Fire Mountain

Fire Mountain Portable Electric BBQ Barbecue Grill Indoor Outdoor - Anthracite

The market for electric barbeques and grills is surprisingly large, or maybe it is not so surprising after all. Setting up a family BBQ with an electric barbeque, could not be simpler. Literally wheel it outside, plug it in, turn it on and Hey Presto! BBQ time!

I must admit to seeing a certain advantage to these very low priced alternative BBQ's. Price is a factor, clearly, but I believe that there is also the fact that the pace of life led by many - particularly with kids - makes the electric BBQ very attractive indeed.

Andrew James Black Deluxe
Andrew James Black Deluxe Electric Indoor / Outdoor BBQ With Stand, Ideal For Use All Year Round

Can you believe that this unit, in the UK, is less that £40! This is remarkable value. You can see from the picture that this BBQ will feed a small family with no mess or fuss.

With its 1600 watt output it is going to be economical to cook on too.

I would recommend that when used outside the unit should be in a sheltered spot to retain its heat, and cooking may benefit from a cover of kitchen foil.

Suitable for use indoors, but as with all cooking indoors ventilation is important.

George Foreman GGR50B Electric Grill

George Foreman Grill and Barbecues

In recent years, Boxer George Foreman has made a major impact on healthy 'lean mean fat grilling machines'. Most kitchens have one of his flip top hinged grills, and very good they are too.

We've had ours for years, and it has never let us down. So why not barbeque too?

The one above is known to be the 15 serving version that can be used on its stand out in the sun or, off the stand, it can sit on a table and cook steak in front of your family. I've not used this model myself but more than 20 reviews score this at 4.8 out of 5. It is also recommended by a respected consumer magazine.

The link above is a general link to George Foreman, simply because the GGR50B pictured is not always available. Take a look anyway, there's lots there.

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