The Magical Cobb Barbeque and Grill


 Some things you may not know about the Cobb

The Cobb Grill


The Cobb was originally designed for rural areas in Africa where people had no access to mains electricity or gas. The original fuel for this marvellous piece of engineering was the humble dried corn cob, an abundant fuel in rural Africa and the basis of the units adopted name

It's hoped that through international aid programmes the unit will eventually be distributed throughout the third world to help avoid disastrous fires and subsequent ecological damage and loss of life.

On its launch The Cobb was awarded 'one of the best inventions of the year' by Time Magazine, and has continued to evolve.


What can the Cobb do for me?

Muscles and wine

You may have guessed that I am possibly the Cobb's number one fan (along with thousands of other who have used it!) The Cobb is so versatile and can be used in so many ways. I have placed several independent videos on this site that show the Cobb being used for different types of cooking and I hope you will enjoy them.

The Cobb is probably the only part of your camping or boating gear that won't live in a garage between vacations.   

Cpbb in the field

They even do a gas fired version too!

Using the Cobb you can BBQ, grill, fry, steam, smoke, stew, cook a full roast meal with all the trimming and even bake bread in it!

Let's have a look at something that you can do with the cobb

Lets start with some basics. You don't need a chef's hat to enjoy pizza - check this out. (Complete with a touch of humour)

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I tend to put a bit of water in the internal moat because I prefer pizza crust to be fairly soft

Okay, I think it's time to have a look at how much this stuff costs. I have a UK Amazon shop - If you choose to use then it's fine. However, I have found, through my own shopping, that eBAY is a massive contender when comparing new goods like for like.

First though, here's a very good quality Youtube video from CobbgrillTV. It shows a massive range of possibilities. The narrator sounds far too 'salesy' for my liking but the video itself is excellent.


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So before you look at Amazon I suggest you have a look at eBAY. You'll be able to compare both new and used Cobbs against Amazon.

If you are in the UK - USA - Canada - Australia, when you click the link below you should be taken to your own eBAY, not one that is several thousand miles away! Obviously, stock levels of used Cobb's will vary (if that is what you're looking for). The new stuff should be there all the time. Give it a try..


Here's part of my UK Amazon shop. This text link will take you directly to Amazon's Cobb Grill pages in their 'Home and Garden' section. Cobb Grills and Accessories



If you're in the UK and want to see the whole range of Cobbs, click the International link above. This will take you to your live Ebay Cobb Grill page.