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What a range of tent heaters and lights there are! On this page, if you look at the links you could (if you wanted to!) look at hundreds! How much time have we got? - Not that much for sure! so instead I'm going to look at what people are buying and want. This is not all about heaters either - we're going to look at popular tents lamps too, gas and electric LED.

Don't forget, we're looking (right now) at light, portable heating. Some of what we're going to see can be adapted for a large gas bottle - but I want to concentrate on portable and light. Here we go... Bear in mind -you are in a tent and you do not want to burn it down!! Due diligence is required. Use the heaters while you are awake and sober, do not fall asleep with these heaters turned on unless they are well out of the way, are weighted down with rocks or you have a night watchman! A better idea is to heat the space and then turn them off.

These heaters and lights are all fantastic value, but because this is an international site I am not going to give prices in what will probably be the wrong currency. Instead I'll give you the basic information and you can judge the best value fron the provided links.

The Gelert Gas Heater - Black

Gelert Portable space heater

Can you believe that this little heater produces more than one kilowatt of heat. It seems quite amazing that something so compact, can produce so much heat - on a small disposable bottle! Between 2 and 3 hours running flat out has got to be a result!

Kampa Hottie Ceramic Heater

Kampa Hottie

With a slightly higher heat output - 1.2KW this little heater will still last for about 2.5 hours on a small disposable (universal) gas bottle. The heat output is adjustable for maximum comfort and there is a pressure safety cut-out for maximum safety.

Take a look at the following lighting samples

lighting samples

1- The Cyba light.

High 300 lumens light output and takes 3 x 'D' type batteries. Will run for 3 full days on high output light and 6 days on the lower output. In flashing mode it can last up to 10 days. Green LED indicator (so you can find it in the dark) will last up to 2 years. More than 50 five star reviews from Amazon

2- The Coleman Gas light.

Generally good reviews. Lightest lantern in its class. Decent light output and produces heat for those chilly nights.

lights 3 and 4

3- Duronic Hurricane 4 in 1

This wind up lamp could be your ace in the hole. 15 reviews - and every single one a Five Star. You can even use the wind up function to charge your mobile phone or MP3 player with the correct USB connector.

4- Ever LED

Another highly regarded LED light. Uses 3 'D' type batteries and produces a very bright 300 lumens. 3 modes and water resistant.

lights 5 and 6

5- Varta 4 Watt Ultra Bright 300 Lumens.

Very well received and very powerful - reviews are mostly 5 Star, and there are 37 of those. Uses the common 'D' type batteries. Will run an amazing 75 hours on HIGH output and 150 hours on the low (night light) setting

6- Yellowstone Set of 3 LED lamps.

A truly amazing low price - you will smile when you see just how cheap they are! They are not a throw away item either. The batteries can be changed. They are cheap and cheerful - but what is wrong with that?

You may argue that I could have given the prices of these units above, and it's true. However, these links don't update themselves like the ones below. This is especially true of eBAY of course, where new offers are made everyday. Take a look below - especially at eBAY.

What follows is two International eBAY links (UK - Ireland - USA - Canada & Australia) - one for the heaters and the other for the lights. After that are my UK Amazon links. The shops have multiple pages that cover both the heaters and the lights. Both of the International Ebay links connect directly to your own territory and should land on the correct page. The last itme is the UK carousel.


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