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Roast Beef

If you're looking for the best in camping stoves and equipment you have come to the right place. We are featuring a lot of grills, hobs and ovens here.

I couldn't resist starting the page with the picture above. What you are seeing is a fore rib of beef cooked to perfection on the Cobb. What you can't see are the vegetables wrapped in foil in 'the moat' under the cooked meat. We'll return to this later

Where practical I have added live and interactive ebay data and images. As an example, at the bottom of the Trangia page you will see
a live interactive ebay page that is full of both new and used Trangias and accessories, more than 200 at the time of writing. Note that not all pages have live interactive pages yet but I'm adding more shortly.

To the left of the page is the onsite navigation to different types of stove or grill. On each product page you will see a good range from both Amazon and eBAY. I have included a direct link to the relevant eBAY page because quite often you can find the same brand new item, but at a cheaper price than Amazon. The purpose of this site is to show you the alternatives and help guide you into making the right choice, first time. Firstly you need to consider the basics

Are you going away with a young family and/or elderly relatives, by car?

Is there only likely to be two or three of you, but again, travelling by car?

Are you a single or couple, backpacking, hiking or hitch hiking?

If you are going to travel a lot on foot I would suggest that you stick to a small spirit stove, the Trangia Spirit Stove is a firm favourite or a single burner portable propane stove. These are both lightweight and easily carried. Be sure to take at least one extra propane cylinder with you and if you do take a spirit stove, make absolutely certain that you get yourself a proper carry bottle. The last thing you need is inflammable spirit leaking into your rucksack.

Catering For More Than One Person


Trangia Spirit Stove

If there are just the two of you, you may well manage with the small Trangia, but providing you are travelling by car you will be better served with a larger grill, possibly a gas grill or even a charcoal barbeque. Certainly it is a challenge to feed three or more with a small spirit stove but remember, the Trangia is a range. So, as long as you don't want a larger or complicated meal for your three friends, there are Trangia options to suit your needs. Trangia
Family groups are in some respects, less of a challenge than small groups. If there are going to be four or more people you know you are going to need the cooking space. I would tend toward the two grill approach. The Luxury of using the Cobb as a sort of main oven, and possible a two or three ring gas cooker to deal with the rest of the meal. The Cobb can do it all, but you have to be careful of how you use the space.

On the site we have access to every type of grill, stove or BBQ that you could think of. Excitingly (and a first for us) we have links to eBAY too! Add to this - If you are in the UK, USA, Australia or Canada the eBAY links should direct you to your own local eBAY, so you can see what is available in your own local area.

Take a look at the navigation panel to the left and choose a grill or hob to suit your own personal needs.